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ALL feat. marcy priest

emcee one
m.a.g./kendall combes


Kendall & I wanted a worship track that pushed the envelope a bit.  There is so much out there right now that is truly great! In no way were we trying to reinvent the wheel, but we wanted to try something we had only heard glimpses of.  For example, the combination of rap and hip hop is not new and we didn't do it first.  (I will say my buddy Scott Floyd was having me use hip hop and turntables in service, back in 02/03) but even then, what we wanted to do here different, is to integrate worship music and hip hop at a nuclear level.  

Marcy priest delivered an amazing performance! in the booth there were times i felt she was actually leading a service in front of thousands as she has done with charlie hall and others.     

I like to think if of it as if you were in the movie Tron, and they had church... this would be what you would hear as worship.  ;) "ALL" and others.    

This is our first attempt, at something like this and since its working live... I'd love to do more... I love how it came out!