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Things i dig...

by Marcus Anthony Guinn on Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 3:59pm ·  

Famalam time

The pacific breeze on the coast of California (different from anywhere else on the planet)

My lawn after it's mowed and edged

When I sit down and the remote just happens to be right next to me

Cereal in the afternoon or late night

Soda  -update (coke zero now)

Air conditioning

When things work like they are supposed to

Puppies, dogs & most animals

When public bathrooms have a lot of stalls, each with sturdy non peak aroundable doors ;)

The way my son still jumps up in my lap

Smiles from my wife

A beautiful assist in basket ball

An awesome lead block in football

Leather seats

My wife's salsa


Going to eat by myself and reading the bible

Nice hotels

When favorite Movies come on tv (even though I have the DVD)

Happy ending movies

Dynamic worship services


Tech gadgets

New car smell

losing weight

being able to pay my bills

that feeling you get when you "do the right thing"

having the right tool for the job (nothing is more frustrating than assembling an entertainment center with a butter knife!)

More to come...


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