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Lebron / Decisions

by Marcus Anthony Guinn on Friday, August 20, 2010 at 2:40am · 


I know I'm the latest to chime in, but i saw a repeat of a sportscaster talking about it back when his move from the cavs, to the heat was fresh. 
I understand the sports guys point, that things have changed in sports. I know it's not back in the mj days anymore, (magic or Jordan). I would add I also think the trade days of today are crazy paced, making it hard to cheer for a team. Can't even buy a jersey anymore, unsure if the guy will still be on the team next year...
With that said, I thought it was dope what lebron did, here's why.
Some blame him for only wanting to win, and by that goal he is a diva, selfish and all about his status. (king?) 
To me it seemed unkingy to make the move he made. He could have stayed a king in Cleveland, but rather than be "the main guy" he chose a "team player" scenario. To me it was a huge act of selflessness. 
Every team has a goal, to reach that goal it depends on the company they keep, each playing a role in the outcome. Great players don't win championships great teams do. (in team sports). See this is what we tell young people all the time. Who you hang with, can determine the outcome of your goals. The bible even says "bad company will corrupt good character", showing that if life is a team sport, the wrong team could spell certain failure. 
Look at Jordan when he put up 63 in a playoff game against Larry bird, and the Boston celtics. That 63 was a record! No one before that had ever scored that many points by themselves in a playoff game, it was an incredible display of individual talent & skill. With All the hype, all the points, and skill of the mighty Michael Jordan, Jordan lost the game. When winners hang with winners they win, but when winners hang with losers, they lose! Now Jordan didn't jump ship, but Jordan also had a coach that understood "team", and was willing to bring him one.
I tell young people in conferences and classrooms, that to reach the goal, to win, you might have to take inventory of your team (who you hang with). You might have to make some trades in the offseason. lol
Some said Lebron's move was a bad example for kids, but maybe it was a great example! Great example of having a goal, and being willing to 
1. Make a tough decision under extreem pressure.
2. Humble himself by joining a cast of play makers, admitting he can't do it alone. Forgoing the role of self, for the role of team! 
It comes down to decisions. I can't knock him because I don't know what it's like to make million dollar decisions. I can appreciate the decision to pick team route rather than the road of self, even though his marketing sometimes makes it hard to tell the difference. 
Lastly with decisions, as I write this one of the heat players is being charged with felony drug charges, allegedly being caught with an enormous amount of drugs. This guy just decided to take a pay cut just to be able to play with lebron and be apart of a super team. Great decision, hopefully not under cut by the other decision to be involved with drugs. Still presumed innocent until proven guilty, I don't know his fate, but it does shine light on decision making at large.
Our decisions put us in position to win it all, or take the fall, you decide. 


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